Dreams are little hints of life that sometimes be good or bad.

To me, they are stories of my life.

Some are very scary and some are very funny and truthful.

When I dream, its a long story, depending on how I fall asleep, is how it began.

I have dreams of lost relatives and friends, my job/career, and even my future.

To me they are guidelines that the lord puts in my head that guide me through things that i’m going through my life.

Certain things i go through during my day tends to overwhelm me.

So when I dream about it, it becomes clear and when I wake up it makes sense and I feel alright.

In dreams, a lot can get to you.

Some people say that the devil gets to them in there dreams.

That he tells them things to make them do horrible things to people.

It not that, in my opinion, people do things because they want to.

They use the devil as a crush. Witch is an excuse to do what they want with no consequence.

This world is all about dreams. Without dreams, there will be no progress on life.

There will be no communications, no transportation, and no jobs for people.

Without dreams, we will be lost.

Dreams can be your weakness and your strength.

Cherish your dreams and go for what you want.


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a single father, trying to be the best I can.

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