I know what it means to not have a father in my life.  To grow-up and see many children without one, I feel there pain.  But, not having a father doesn’t mean you will not grow-up a strong man.  I was raised by nothing but women from my family.  I learned how to clean, cook, take care a woman, and nurture children.  When I finally had my own son, I knew what to do.  The first look at him when he was born, I knew Ill be in his life til the end of my time on earth.  There’s nothing i won’t do for him.  When there is the time to discipline him, its hard to see him cry or get angry. But, he knows its for his own good and its from love.  Being hard, firm, and tough to a young boy isn’t a bad thing.  When you put in the love, kind, and a warm heart into it, its what the child cherish most.  With that said, Ill leave with this poem, its a late fathers day gift from me to you.  And to the good fathers out there, keep up the great work and cherish every moment with you children.


Over the years
As we grow old,
We remember our father
So brave and bold.

In the garden,
Leaning on the plow,
He would listen to me;
I see him now.

He would give advice
And understand;
He was always there
To lend a hand.

God made fathers
Strong and firm,
For he knew our lives
Would have great concerns.

So he gave us fathers
To teach us to pray,
And guide our lives,
And show us the way.

So on his day
Let’s take the time
To say “Thanks, dad.
I’m glad you’re mine.”


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a single father, trying to be the best I can.

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